Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for gymnastics classes?


Autopay on the 1st of the month and 2 forms of payment are required.

What level of class should my child be in?
All preschool classes are based on age and students should be registered for those classes accordingly.

For all recreational classes, a student’s level is based on skills and not on age. If your child has little to no experience in gymnastics or tumbling, they will start in our Beginner level. Students should not move up to the next level until you are notified that they are ready to do so. For safety reasons, we cannot have students moving up to the next level until they have all the skills required and mastered to do so.

What should my child wear for class?
Girls should wear a gymnastics leotard and boys should wear shorts and a fitted shirt. Baggy or loose clothing will not be permitted for safety reasons while using any equipment in the gym. No socks or shoes are to be worn in the gym at any time. Long hair must be pulled back in a pony tail.
Can you explain how your ||sessions|| work?
We hold two sessions of classes throughout the year to reflect the academic calendar. Our School Year Sessions run from the first week of September until the last week of May. The Summer Sessions run from the first week of June until the last week of August. For exact dates, please visit our Events Calendar under the “Events” tab. Each session will vary on class times and instructors.
Can we still join your classes after the session has started?
YES! We would love for you to join our Mid Iowa Gymnastics family any time! Registration for classes remains open throughout the entire year. Just make sure you are registering for the right session!
If we decide to end classes early, how much notice do you require?

A 30-day notice is required to and a class at Mid Iowa.  Your tuition will be prorated to the date 30 days from the date you have given your notice.  The requirement to provide us with a 30-day notice to drop a class will be waived due to injury with documentation from a doctor.

Are your coaches and instructors qualified to teach gymnastics or tumbling?
Our coaches and instructors are fully trained on site and a background check is done prior to hiring. Most of our staff has a background in gymnastics, but we are willing to train individuals who have a passion for the sport, but no prior experience.
How many kids are in a class at one time?


The student-to-coach ratio is dependent upon the type of class. For 3 & 4-Year-Old classes, all classes have no more than 5-7 students per instructor enrolled at a time. For 2-3-Year-Old Parent-Child classes up to 8 students. 4-Year-Old up to 7 students. For Beginner & Advanced Beginner classes, we limit class sizes to nine students per instructor. Even with two instructors, these classes will never exceed more than 12 students per class. For our upper-level Intermediate & Advanced classes, up to 10-12 students may be enrolled at a time.


Can I stay to watch my child in their class?


We are limiting our lobby to 12 people plus staff.

What precautions are you taking due to COVID?

Masks are optional at this time. 

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