Policies & Forms


Payment Policy

All payments are due on the 1st of the month. If you have made other arrangements, your auto-pay schedule will not change.

If you have not logged in to your Member Portal yet, your username is the e-mail this message has been sent to. To set or reset your password, click on the “Forgot Password” button and follow the steps listed there. If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!


Registration Fee

An annual registration fee of $30 per a student is applied at the time of registration and is a non-refundable annual fee. All registration fees renew annually in September and will be pro-rated through the year as stated:

  • September & October: $35 Registration Fee
  • November & December: $30 Registration Fee
  • January & February: $25 Registration Fee
  • March & April: $20 Registration Fee
  • May & June: $15 Registration Fee
  • July & August: $10 Registration Fee
Discounts & Prorations
For families that have more than one student or more than one class, below are the discounts:
1st student regular price, 2nd student 10% off their tuition only, 3-6 students 20% off their tuitions only.
2nd class 10% off, 3rd Class 20% off, 4th class 20% off. 
Withdrawal From Class

The requirement to end classes during a session (September-May) and (June-July) is to provide a written 30-day notice.  Please do not call as we need it in writing.  Email is the best way to provide that notice. The 30-day will be waived if a child has an injury with a note from a doctor that states that they are unable to participate.  It will also be waived if a child attends only one class and does not wish to participate.

Missed Class & Make Ups

Only 2 free make-up open gyms per year per student.  If we have a closing due to weather or something else we will schedule a make-up open gym for those classes.  Please register for all open gyms.  You can see our schedule for open gyms and other events at www.midiowagymnastics.com/events.

Closings & Cancellations
Mid Iowa Gymnastics will be closed on certain dates (as posted on the Events Calendar on our website) due to holidays and breaks. No discounts or make-up sessions will be provided for these scheduled gym closings. All weather-related and emergency cancellations of class are also non-refundable and no discounts will be given. Make-up sessions WILL be available for these cancellations by attending any one of the Open Gyms scheduled within 60 days of the cancellation. All weather-related and emergency cancellations will be communicated via e-mail and through our official Facebook page.
Dress Code

For the safety of each student, the following dress code must be followed:

  • Female students at MIG are to wear either a leotard or gym shorts and a form fitting t-shirt or tank top. Two piece leotards and sports bra/shorts combos are not allowed. Jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and loose clothing is not permitted.
  • Male students at MIG are to wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt or tank top.
  • No shoes or socks are permitted to be worn in the gym at any time.
  • Long hair MUST be pulled away from the student’s face.
  • No loose jewelry (long necklaces, bracelets, etc.) are to be worn. Any jewelry worn at MIG is done so at the student’s own liability. Mid Iowa Gymnastics is not responsible for any lost or stolen jewelry.
Special Event Fees

Event Fees will be charged at the time of registration.  Refunds or account credits will be issued if you need to cancel and notify the gym at least 2 hours prior to the event. 

Birthday Party Policy
Parties are $200 for 1-13 children, $250 for 13-16 children and $300 for 18-22 max size.  You will be charged the $200 fee for your party at the time that it is booked.  If the number of children present requires a higher fee then it will be charged on the day of the party.  Canceled parties will retain a credit to be used at Mid Iowa in the future.
NEW:  You will soon be able to book your party online. 
Times that will be available: Saturdays 12:30-2:00pm, 1:30-3:00 pm or 2:30-4:00 pm 

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